Modularity, hygiene and functionality

The modular stainless steel shelving division of Artinox specializes in planning, designing and producing solutions for hygiene and safety in logistics and storage designed for various sectors and use: the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, hospital, nautical and agri-food sectors.

In the delicate design phase, a team of experts supports customers in making choices and designing the space. A wealth of experience and superior design skills guarantee that we can create solutions that always optimize the available space.

In the design phase of modular stainless steel and polypropylene shelving, the division is also capable of finding new construction solutions to particular customer specification.

Besides services for design and production of modular stainless steel shelving, Artinox manages all phases of the sales process to ensure quality, testing and pre-assembling the shelving before carefully packaging it and shipping to the end customer.

Artinox is NF certified to guarantee maximum hygiene of our products for the food industry.

Design service

Our team is at your disposal to help you design, quote and address your needs.