Cabinet accessories

Frames, windows, door stops and various accessories to adapt the functionality of compact and modular cabinets to different sectors of applications

  Name Code  
Doorstop ACC_KFPOQ Sheet
Document Pockets ACC_TSPS Sheet
Gas springs ACC_MGAS Sheet
Protective Framed Window ACC_FPQS Sheet
Protective Framed Window with Gas Springs ACC_FPQP Sheet
Vertical Partition Wall ACC_KDVM1 Sheet
Transformer Support Drilled Profile ACC_SPTR Sheet
Door Wiring Drilled Profile ACC_SPP Sheet
Double Cable Drilled Profile ACC_SPACGH Sheet
Modular Cabinet Vertical Drilled Profile ACC_SPVM Sheet
Modular Cabinet Horizontal Drilled Profiles ACC_SPOM Sheet
Stainless Steel Doorstop for Groups of Modular Cabinets ACC_KBPULM Sheet
Hinged Door Stainless Steel Doorstop ACC_KBPUL Sheet
Stainless Steel Drop-down Shelf ACC_RIB Sheet
Modular Cabinet Internal Panel Joining Kit ACC_KUPMR Sheet

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