Modern design, minimal dimensions and ease of installation are the characteristics of our ventilation products. Filter groups with and without fan made in self-extinguishing ABS RAL 7035, they adopt a snap fastening system without the use of screws. The range is completed by accessories such as cover grids in stainless steel and protective caps.

  Name Code  
Roof Extractor Towers TP Sheet
Stainless Steel Protective Cover CUF Sheet
Filter Unit GRF Sheet


Mechanical Limit Switch A mechanical limit switch controls the position of the cabinet doors to protect the operator or prompt any accessories inside the electrical panel. Version with reset push button, maximum output 10 A, available with NC and NO contacts. The panel on which it will be mounted is to specify when ordering, so that we can supply the right bracket. o.
Flashing Safety Devices Flashing safety devices are used to alert the operator when the electric panel is live and are therefore essential for accident prevention.
Thermostats Thermostats interact with heaters, fans and air conditioners to control temperature and humidity inside the panel.
Anti-condensation Heaters Electrical panel heaters are used to prevent condensation forming and producing rust, or when the temperature must not drop below a given minimum.
Stainless Steel Pressure Compensation Threaded Connection If electrical panels are used in conditions that could cause condensation to form in the panel, simply fitting a stainless steel threaded connection will compensate pressure and maintain IP66 protection rating. Even with pressure slightly over normal, the impermeable membrane inside the connection allows humidity to escape, while preventing water and dust from entering the cabinet.
Draining Threaded Connection When condensation forms inside the panel, fitting the draining connection channels condensation outside without losing IP66 protection rating. The membrane inside the connection allows humidity to escape, while preventing water sprays from entering.
Neon and LED Illumination Many types of illumination systems are available, with LED or fluorescent lights that can be attached with 25mm pitch directly to the cabinet structure, or fixed to brackets; to order separately according to the cabinet model in question.

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