Sinks with retractable tap perfectly suitable for every kind of worktop, and the sliding stainless steel/polyethylene chopping boards entirely cover the washing area.

  Name Cabinet cm Outer dimension mm  
Ghost 60 60 520x440 h 200 Sheet
Ghost 60 MP 60 520x440 h 200 Sheet
Ghost 60 Frame MP 60 560x480 h 215 Sheet
Ghost 90 340x400 dx 800x440 h 200 Sheet
Ghost 104 60 1080x480 h 210 Sheet
Ghost 160 340x400 dx 1640x480 h 210 Sheet

Schemi incasso


Flush-fitted top

The washing solution with flush-fitted top was designed to create continuity with the worktop, maintaining a sense of harmony between the surface and the household appliances in the room. Thanks to its perfectly flat perimeter, this product can be applied to tops in any material.


The over-top solution does not need any special precautions in drilling the worktop; the 1 mm thick, slightly rounded edge leads gently towards the worktop, maintaining an elegant style and facilitating cleaning procedures.


The under-top series ensure there are no edges or corners on the surface of the top, giving the working area a sense of linear continuity.

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