Flexibility, custom design and quality

Transforming our customers' ideas into jewels of stainless steel has always been Artinox's objective. Our highly versatile and qualified facilities produce fully custom solutions to the customer's specifications, developed and fine-tuned by our technical department.

We use the latest technology for producing competitively priced solutions at the leading edge of the market: Artinox is the perfect partner for your small batch and series production needs.

Artinox produces semi-finished products in stainless steel and steel, for a wide range of industries: from catering to refrigeration, construction to urban furnishing, including professional equipment.



Our professional staff at your disposal

Each product is carefully studied and industrialized by our technical staff to optimize the production process. We also offer design consultancy services, using the customer's original drawings and samples.


In its organisation, Artinox allocates separately the Punching, Laser cutting, Bending, Welding, where the specialised and highly motivated personnel, and the supporting high-tech equipment, always ensure maximum manufacturing care and punctuality of deliveries.



With cutting edge programs and machines, Artinox is provided with C.N.C. punching machines with work fields of 3.000 × 1.500 mm.

Laser cutting

For the precision cutting stage of the stainless steel Artinox uses a reliable laser cutter.


The best results from Artinox's bending processes are guaranteed by the use of technologically dvanced equipment, such as three-axe bending presses with N.C. of maximum length equal to 4.000.


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Are you looking for a series of domestic sinks functional to your projects?
Do you need to design your storage space in a safe, functional and healthy way?
Are you in the need of a stainless steel protective solution for industrial electrical panels?
Or do you need a custom stainless steel solution?